Melanin queen


(n.) desire to stay in the sun ; love of sunlight

Summer time, and the living’s easy…
Good living. Salty skin. Nose burns. Fresh apricots. Lavender breeze. Melanin. Sweet escapism. Release. Smell of sunscreen. Golden hours. Beautiful boredom. Palm shades. Agave. Chiaro-scuro. Freedom. Melted ice-cream. Hedonism. Barefoot luxury. Playing mermaids. Freckles. Bikini naps. Crickets. Effortless beauty. Vitamin D. What day is it? Happily slightly dazed. Ephemeral essence captured. To be caressed by the sun, for all eternity.

An ode to summer. My ultimate religion and sweetest addiction. A state of mind and a true celebration of life.

Hight     27 cm
Width     22 cm
Technique     Oil on canvas
Year     2021.

Heliophilia Collection




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