Hana Tischler (1988) is a Croatian figurative artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in her home town Zagreb in 2013, she worked for three years as an art and art history teacher in several schools.
In 2016 she moved to Portugal where she started pursuing her career as a painter.

Women have always been the main subject of her work and through the portraits and images of the torso she explores femininity, sensuality and diversity, concentrating on the texture and color of skin with her strong brushwork and contrasts between light and shadow.

Hana is a part of the Lisbon based artist collective and studio “Mitó Creative Site” and is currently represented by the Runway gallery in London.

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Phone +385 98 98 68 465
Email [email protected]
Address Mitó Creative Site
Rua de Arroios 95A
1150-053 Lisboa